We are seeking new clients. Please send your query letter by email. No attachments unless invited.

Our literary agents read each and every query letter. Query letters are often discussed and passed between agents. While every query letter receives individual attention, we frequently use a form response due to the volume of queries. We wish we had time to respond personally to each author. Once in awhile we will respond with personal letters even if we are unable to issue an invitation. We care about writers and want to offer insight and encouragement where we can.

Our response time is usually about a week. Some authors send out bulk emailed query letters and those often get redirected to spam. Sometimes we’ll keep a letter longer than a week while we decide or wait for our schedules to clear to invite the material. If you sent a query letter some time ago, either to us here at Heacock Hill or at Heacock Literary Agency, Inc. and did not receive a response, please follow up.

We do not require that query letters or submissions be exclusive to us. It’s in a writer’s best interests to contact more than one agent at a time, increasing the chance to be offered representation.

Here, at Heacock Hill, we don’t invite a lot of material. When we do invite it, we spend a lot of time with the manuscript or proposal.  We take time to get to know the author and for the author to get to know us. We prefer to work with clients for years and we look for authors who want long term relationships. We keep our client list small.

What would we like to see in a query letter? “Good writin’, as Tom Dark says. You know your work best, and you probably don’t need coaching in how to pitch it.

Book proposals are required for non-fiction. Many good books on preparing non-fiction book proposals can be found at your local library.

Please send all query letters by email. We do not accept query letters by post.

We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. That simply means send a query letter first. Please do not include email attachments as they clog up our server. Unrequested attachments are not opened. It’s fine to include manuscript sample pages or a few chapters in the body of the email.  Book proposals for non-fiction can also be included in the body of the email.

Please address query letters to Catt LeBaigue or Tom Dark at:

Each query letter is read, carefully considered and answered. Please be patient in awaiting a response.

Email queries only.

No Certified Mail accepted. Picking up Certified Mail requires us to take time out of our day to make a trip to the post office and we are just too busy to do that. If you need confirmation of receipt, send your query letter via U.S. mail with delivery confirmation and you can then track it through the U. S. postal service. Certified mail will be returned to sender.

Heacock Hill charges no up front fees. We do not recommend or charge for editing services.

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